The Loser Takes it All

This crazy WEB SERIES pays homage to the great Duos with an original contest open to any violinists and pianists aged between 8 and 88. On top of traditional repertoire candidates participate in a performance developed by Igudesman & Joo.

When bribing the Jury is only one of many ways for victory, who will withstand the pressure? In the heart of the beautiful Swiss alps, musicians compete for the chance of their lives. A truly rare but real talent show by the team behind Noseland with the help of SLFILM.


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directed by
Sebastian Leitner
Aleksey Igudesman
Hyung-Ki Joo

produced by
Igudesman & Joo

executive producer
Aleksey Igudesman

Sebastian Leitner
Peter Maler
Julia Rosskopf
John Layden, DroneAlps

edited by
Sebastian Leitner, SLFILM
Aleksey Igudesman

assistant editor
Zhelyaz Tomov
Hyung-Ki Joo

live sound recording & mix
Jonas Petersen
Tong Zhang

voice over recording
Adam Lukas

theme music
Jonas Petersen
Magma Duo

additional music

Aleksey Igudesman
Jonas Petersen
Adam Lukas

made with the help of
Bank Austria Art Award

supported by
Le Sion Festival
Pavel Vernikov
Fabien Girard
Olivier Vocat
Jörg Lingenberg

©2018 by MTPROD and SLFILM